Beautiful learner portals for online education

A custom learner portal and storefront for online education.

Palette delivers beautiful digital experiences where students discover, enrol and pay for education offerings.

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Enroling should be easy

Most tools in ed-tech focus only on educating and assessment. They don't realise the experience begins when people first encounter your brand online. Palette ensures learners have a great digital experience from the moment they hit your portal, through discovery and enrolment, right up to their first day of learning.

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Spend less time managing your offerings

Palette is designed in partnership with educators. It is built to enable education providers to quickly and easily manage their online learner portal or storefront.


Maintain your portal by creating and editing offerings, configuring intakes and staying across enrolments as they happen.


Drive sales with a completely white-labelled branding experience, bespoke site design and secure payment gateway.


Use single and bulk coupons to support your marketing strategies, and SEO to make sure your learners find you.


Get in-app overviews, download data or integrate with our API, so you can get all the enrolment, student and revenue information you need.

All you need to get online

Beautiful custom learner portals

Bespoke design

Each Palette portal is designed unique to the customer, and is totally white-labelled.

You control the experience to showcase offerings and information as best reflects your brand.

LMS integrations

Instructure’s Canvas LMS →

Direct integration with the world’s fastest growing, and best in breed LMS.

Moodle integration coming soon →

Opening up more opportunities with another leading open source LMS.

Simple administration →

A secure admin panel that syncs information with your Canvas account, so you can manage and report on offerings in real time.

Advanced portal functionality

Intakes →

Create and manage intakes for each offering, so students can study when it makes sense for them.


Connect to our secure API to access data and integrate with your other systems.

Curated catalogues →

Bundle a selected offerings into curated catalogues and custom landing pages, to improve customer targeting and explore B2B opportunities.

Dynamic filtering →

Use custom filters in your catalogues to improve discovery, and help learners find offerings relevant to them.

Secure payment gateway →

Be confident all transactions are secure, simple and fast, handled by Stripe's payment gateway.

Marketing features

Coupons →

Add single or bulk custom coupons to support your marketing campaigns. Constrain them to certain intakes or offerings, using fixed amount or percentage discounts.

Coming soon and register interest →

Add a ‘coming soon’ flag to offerings you want to advertise but aren’t quite ready to launch. Let learners see what’s coming up and register interest, so you can assess market appetite and capture a mailing list to update as those offerings become ready.

Shareable check-out carts →

Pre-populate a shopping cart, then share it with a simple link. Specify an intake or apply a coupon, share the cart and let your learner add in their personal details to complete the transaction.

Contact us

Want to learn more? Moving online or want to step-up your online presence? Contact us at, or leave your email and one of the team will get in touch. We’re always happy to offer a free demo, or talk through your needs and plans for the future.

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